What is Antimicrobial Copper?

The most effective natural antimicrobial material, antimicrobial copper 

What's Antimicrobial Copper?

Copper or copper alloy more than 60% have natural antimicrobial properties; it is very effective non-toxic natural antimicrobial material that prevents most cross contamination of bacteria like E. coli and food poisoning bacteria and some viruses. Approximately 2 million people are secondarily infected from medical facilities and approximately 100,000 people die from it every year in America. Much social economical cost occurs as a result from infection from the medical facilities around the world. As a result from clinical study done from support from the U.S. Department of Defense, it was found that cross infection of the patients in the intensive care units reduced to more than 70% where the antimicrobial copper products for installed. Copper or copper alloy more than 60% have natural antimicrobial properties from the copper. It is very effective in preventing infectious diseases from cross infections by exterminating 99.9% of various bacteria within 2 hours. By using the antimicrobial copper in everyday life, we can have a hygienic environment and healthy life, and reduce the social-economic cost from secondary infections.

The Process of Bacteria Dying on the Copper Surface

Antimicrobial actions of the copper
[process of the bacteria extinction on the copper surface]

1. Bacteria recognizes copper ion as an essential nutrition and absorbs it into the body. The copper ion is infiltrated into the cells.

2. The copper ion inside the body disturbs the potential difference inside and outside of the cell membranes to break the cell membranes and lose nutrition and water inside the cells.

3. Copper ion also accelerates cell damage by attracting other kinds that react to oxygen.

4. Copper ion interrupts cell respiration and metabolism to block cell replication by decomposing genome and plasmid DNA and prevent self-replication.

Antimicrobial Copper Effects 

[Surface stability test that compared and analyzed SARS and Coronavirus on each material]

In this test, copper, cardboard, stainless steel and plastic were maintained at 21~23℃, relative humidity 40% for 7 days and applied virus on them. The number on copper was substantially low and completely dissipated in a short time. This research was published in The New England Journal of Medicine on April 16 this year. As a result of this research, much research are underway around the world to prevent Coronavirus using copper. K Copper Plus is also developing and researching products using the antimicrobial copper. 

[Antimicrobial performance comparing experiment of super bacteria on a typical inorganic material

 : Experiment result of things that are in contact in hospitals] 

99.9% of Antimicrobial performance on copper in 2 hours

(More than 90% dissipated in 30 minutes)  

More than 90% pathogens/bacteria reduced on the surface of a copper product Super bacteria, MRSA or VRE was not detected at all 

Certifications and Test Results

Antimicrobial test of super bacteria of antimicrobial copper and its proof

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